Veronika Khariv, Ph.D.


Postdoctoral Fellow

Veronika Khariv, Ph.D. completed her doctoral degree in the Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences at Rutgers University, in the Cell Biology, Neuroscience, and Physiology track. Her dissertation research was performed with Drs. Stella Elkabes and Robert F.Heary on plasma membrane calcium pump 2 (PMCA2) and its role in nociception and neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury.

She received her M.S from the Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in biomedical sciences with a concentration in neuroscience in 2012. She received her B.S in chemistry with a minor in biology at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2010.

She is the recipient of the Morris Schaffer Endowed Scholarship, which is awarded to outstanding PhD students who are in the early stage of their thesis. Additionally, she has been accepted as a member of the Alpha Chi chapter of Alpha Epsilon Lambda (AEL) Graduate and Professional Student Honor Society at Rutgers University.

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Impaired sensitivity to pain stimuli in plasma membrane calcium ATPase 2 (PMCA2) heterozygous mice: a possible modality- and sex-specific role for PMCA2 in nociception.
January 2017
Related Faculty & Lab Members: Veronika Khariv, Ph.D., Robert F. Heary, M.D., Stella Elkabes, Ph.D.

Contribution of Plasma Membrane Calcium ATPases to neuronal maladaptive responses: Focus on spinal nociceptive mechanisms and neurodegeneration.
August 2017
Related Faculty & Lab Members: Veronika Khariv, Ph.D.Stella Elkabes, Ph.D.

Toll-like receptor 9 deficiency impacts sensory and motor behaviors.
August 2013
Related Faculty & Lab Members: Veronika Khariv, Ph.D.Robert F. Heary, M.D., Stella Elkabes, Ph.D.

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