Alexandra Pallottie, Ph.D.



Alexandra Pallottie, B.S.
Alexandra Pallottie defended her doctoral thesis in November of 2017 after completing her PhD studies in the Cell Biology, Neuroscience, & Physiology (CBNP) track of the Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, with a concentration in Neuroscience.  Alexandra graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lafayette College in May 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science and Honors in Neuroscience.  Her undergraduate thesis research–which was published in 2011, investigated the modulation of finger contact timing during human grasping behavior.  It was this research that turned her interest toward the relay center for sensory input and motor output: the spinal cord.

Shortly after joining the Reynolds Family Spine Laboratory in Fall 2011, Alexandra was inducted into the Rutgers Society of Research Scholars which recognizes incoming PhD students with the highest academic credentials.  Recently, she was also inducted into the Alpha Chi Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Lambda (AEL) Graduate and Professional Student Honor Society, which recognizes both high academic achievement as well as strong leadership skills.

Alexandra carried out her dissertation research with Drs. Stella Elkabes and Robert F. Heary in the Department of Neurological Surgery.  Her work focused on the role played by toll-like receptor (TLR) 9 in the development of spinal cord injury (SCI)-induced neuropathic pain.  She also studied the functional interactions between TLR9 and other TLRs within the injured and intact spinal cord.

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Effects of early surgical decompression on functional and histological outcomes after severe experimental thoracic spinal cord injury.
January 2017
Related Lab members: Alexandra Pallottie, Ph.D., Robert F. Heary, M.D., Stella Elkabes, Ph.D.

Toll-like receptors in central nervous system injury and disease: a focus on the spinal cord.
November 2014
Related Lab members: Alexandra Pallottie, Ph.D., Robert F. Heary, M.D., Stella Elkabes, Ph.D.

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